Guest Speaker: Marta Alonso

On Monday 11/28 the 30-year-old social media and digital marketing expert Marta Alonso came to speak to our class about her endeavors since graduating college with a degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication and a masters in Internet Business. In only 10 years this social media mastermind’s career has exploded as she’s learned how to conquer the online world. Here are some of her most impressive works.


Her career hit the ground running immediately as she became the founder of Muuby, a digital entertainment firm, in 2010. This company, “specializes in helping67a541b57bb32c0946cea113b4326673-1.png companies and institutions listen naturally to their markets by monitoring the internet and managing their digital reputation. In this way they can quickly react to the changes and needs that their potential demand, as well as detect business opportunities” according to their Linkedin page. Essentially, her company developed software that assisted businesses in monitoring their online presence.

In the next year, this powerhouse discovered Phil Gonzalez and decided to expand his blog, Instagramers, which was an online community for those passionate about Instagram. Marta became the founder of Instagramers Barcelona in 2011, an online community specific to Instagram lovers in Barcelona. After the popularity of Instagramers Barcelona took off, the number of communities grew to over 400 in more than 60 different countries.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 11.40.58 PM.png

In 2013, Marta moved on to work for one of the largest international communications marketing firm, Edelman. Marta worked as the head of their Digital division there, where she created and executed different digital strategies such as community management, social advertising and influencer programs for top name businesses like HP, Norton and Symantec.


The year after that, Marta continued to expand her collection of professions and found Circle Line, a digital business that’s part of Mahala Communication that specializes in digital story telling. Marta explains their goal as being to “attract new client searching digital services to connect with new audiences-generation of consumers. CL is working mainly for Tourism and Beverage&Goods and Tech Companies. (Catalan Tourism Board, Freixenet, Juvé&Camps, HP Europe, Wallapop, among others)” on her LinkedIn page.

After discovering her skill for Instagram-ing, Marta proceed to use it in her other work experiences. In 2012, a marketing strategy project that Marta created with Span Air fell through and she took it Vueling Airlines, where it was successful. Her idea: a celebration for having served 50 million passengers that included taking photos from a photo contest on Instagram using the hashtag #vuelingairgallery and printing them to say “thanks!” across one of their planes.

Marta also used her knowledge of Instagram and connection to the Instagramers community in a collaboration with the Catalan Tourist Board, know known as the Catalunya Experience. Marta invited some of the top Instagramers from around the world, one from each of the countries with Instagramers communities, to come travel around Catalunya and post their trip with the hashtag #catalunyaexperience. The idea was a marketing hit and was a beautiful demonstration of all that Catalunya has to offer.


All of Marta’s hard work and devotion to her passion of digital media groups have paid off, as she is now regarded as one of the best in her field. She continues to make groundbreaking steps, and is bettering the world for it. Impressive work Marta!


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