Spain’s Reaction to the United States Presidential Elections

After the outcome of the 2016 United State’s election became clear early Wednesday morning in Spain, leaders and media outlets across the country were quick to react with all different types of responses.

Twitter was a great platform for political leaders and media sources alike to express their views.

Some of the responses were cordial and polite. The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, was first to respond to the end of the election with a tweet congratulating the new president elect, saying, “We’ll continue to work to strengthen relations that we have with the US, an indispensable partner”.

Spain’s foreign ministry followed his lead and said that this new era would “reinforce and consolidate Spain’s partnership with the US and deepen the friendship between our countries and people”.

The responses that followed weren’t nearly as positive. Pablo Inglesias, the leader of the left wing Spanish political party Podemos, sent out a call to action to Americans that rang similar to what he asks of the Spanish people. He tweeted “The vaccine against Trump’s fascism is social justice and human rights, no more establishment. There is a people in the US who will resist” followed by an inspirational picture.

Barcelona’s mayor Ada Colau, who identifies with this radical left wing party that’s the second largest political party in Spain, agreed with her partner. She tweeted out, “We’re seeing a world where more than ever it’s necessary to join forces in liberal defense of life democracy and human rights”.

Media outlets were quick to comment as well, using their power to inform the public as a way to express their views upon the population. El Pais printed a front page story on the election with the headline: “US falls into the hands of aggressive populism of Trump”.


The right-wing online Spanish newspaper ABC also didn’t hold back their dismay with their Washington foreign correspondent’s article. Manuel Erice Oronoz, the correspondent, titled his article on the election results “Trump, the triumph of the daring narcissist” and began the story saying: “Megalomaniac, big child, egocentric, fraudster, charlatan, Hitler’s successor, last fascist, mentally ill…the list of definitions and descriptions Donald Trump has accumulated mark an era”.

El Periódico, another major Spanish paper, printed a front page solo shot of Trump pointing a finger and titled their story “God forgive America”.


While some government officials are trying to remain positive, the rest of the country appears to be broadcasting their disappointment and disturbance with America’s choice in president. As the two countries have been working to build strong partnership amongst themselves, the election’s outcome may result in destructive ramifications.





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