Podcast Post

While it’s a relatively young subject, social media has completely taken over and changed the world. Getting it’s start in only the early 2000s, it’s interesting to look at how it got it’s start, took over, and is still ever changing. The most common definition for social media is that it is “computer mediated technologies… Continue reading Podcast Post

Spain’s Reaction to the United States Presidential Elections

After the outcome of the 2016 United State’s election became clear early Wednesday morning in Spain, leaders and media outlets across the country were quick to react with all different types of responses. Twitter was a great platform for political leaders and media sources alike to express their views. Some of the responses were cordial… Continue reading Spain’s Reaction to the United States Presidential Elections

Late Nights with Barack Obama

President Obama was a “first” of presidents for many reasons. As the 44th president, Barack Obama was the first African American to hold the office, one of the first presidential candidates to use social media as a campaigning platform, and the first president to appear on TV’s favorite late night talk shows. It’s not uncommon for… Continue reading Late Nights with Barack Obama