Late Nights with Barack Obama

President Obama was a “first” of presidents for many reasons. As the 44th president, Barack Obama was the first African American to hold the office, one of the first presidential candidates to use social media as a campaigning platform, and the first president to appear on TV’s favorite late night talk shows. It’s not uncommon for… Continue reading Late Nights with Barack Obama

Uses of Virtual Reality

Since the early 2000s, the virtual reality industry has taken off, launching it quite literally into a completely different planet. Virtual reality is the idea of presenting a version of reality with a computer generated real environment that allows our senses to perceive it’s really there by creating an immersive and interactive world. Most current virtual… Continue reading Uses of Virtual Reality

The Trump Issue Abroad

Before coming to Europe, I knew I’d be subjected to the thoughts and beliefs of different cultures as I traveled from country to country on my free weekends. I expected to learn from them and be enlightened by their European ways. But as I’ve gone from Spain to Germany to Italy to France and to the Netherlands, locals… Continue reading The Trump Issue Abroad

Tourism in Barcelona

Since being in Barcelona these last two months, I’ve learned a lot about the tourism industry and its explosion here. I’ve experienced it first hand while walking along the packed street of Las Ramblas  and while checking out famous sightseeing spots like Park Güell. I’ve heard about it from my Spanish teachers when they explain their feelings on… Continue reading Tourism in Barcelona

How I Got Here

Studying Abroad for a semester of my four college years has always seemed like a given, it was just a matter of picking the right time and place. Coming from a school like Miami University, with its ranking as 2nd in the country for undergraduate study abroad participation, studying abroad is highly encouraged and acted upon… Continue reading How I Got Here

Citizen Journalism: iReport

In 2006, mega news media outlet CNN launched iReport, a “citizen journalism initiative that allows people from around the globe to contribute pictures and video of breaking news stories”. The page was one of the first user-generated social media sites of its kind, and gave an official location for citizens to leave their reporting. Everything on the… Continue reading Citizen Journalism: iReport

MOJOs at Work

Over the last 10 years, MOJO, or “mobile journalism”, has taken off and revolutionized the way  media sources work. The term refers to when journalists report on the go using their mobile devices and a kit of tools to ensure quick yet professional results. But since the start of the term in 2005, it’s turned… Continue reading MOJOs at Work